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  • The Correct Swimsuit For Your Body Shape

    Many of us, find it an unpleasant task trying to find the correct swimsuit for our body shape.  No need to pull out the old faithful again this year!.

    Venture into the shops, and you may be surprised to see the some fantastic options that will flatter your body shape. You just need to know the rules!

    Here are some tips that may make your next shopping enjoyable


    It is always good to go when you are not bloated- 1st thing in the morning its a great time. 

    If you don't tan easily go for colors that are bolder. Pale blues, pinks etc will make you look paler.


    If you have any tummy issues, ruching can help. The thicker fabric will hold that area in tight


    Selecting a swimsuit with a vertical stripe can also create the illusion of you looking thinner. In the examples below, the closer the line gets to the centre of your body the thinner you




     If you are small busted, go for a top that has extra fabric to give you more bulk.



     If you have a big bust , make sure that you have underwire in the top of your swim suit, to give your body the support.



    The pattern and color will have a bearing on how the swim suit looks on your body shape.Bolder prints can make you look larger than you are. Horizontal stripes may have the effect of making parts of your body look wider than they are.





    If you are broad in the shoulders , wear a swim suit that has wider straps. A halter neck will make you look broader.


    The cut of the stop of your swimsuit is important. Support and style will give you a different look. The orange version below will do nothing for a big busted lady.



     If you have smaller shoulders in comparison with your hips, the halter neck will visually broaden your shoulders to balance you out.




    Lastly fabric is soooo important! If you want to look good go for good quality. Many swimsuits have inbuilt support now. Be careful of buying pale colors that may be transparent when they are wet.

    A stylish kaftan or throw is always a bonus to top off your outfit!



    Well I hope you have the tools to go out and find your new swim suit this season. Love to hear your feedback.



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