About Deb



I am a trained Melbourne based personal stylist...  I am also a wife, mother, and online window shopping addict, lover of jewelry and accessories and shoe hoarder. I am driven by a desire to show men and women their potential so they can move forward with style and confidence and achieve their life goals either they be personal or corporate.

As a personal stylist, you need a creative sense of what works and what doesn’t work. It’s also about being able to relate to people in a way that makes them feel good about themselves. It is about listening to people, understanding their lifestyle and budgets.

I don’t work with fashion models I work with real people of all ages, shapes and sizes with varying budgets. Being stylish is a skill that can be learnt and that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to achieve it.

Why I started my business

I have been a business woman in the corporate world, and have owned similar small businesses. When I started receiving requests for style and fashion advice from people beyond my close circle of family and friends, I knew it was time to abandon the corporate life and dedicate myself full-time to my passion for styling.  I am committed to helping women look and feel their absolute best.Seeing a stylist is simply an investment in yourself that creates confidence When we feel good about ourselves we can tackle anything and have success in our work & personal life.

Why select me as your Personal Stylist

I have brought items that I  never wore.  I’ve had those mornings where I’ve stared at a packed wardrobe, and then picked out the same old outfit.  I know that when you don’t know how to dress for the day, you feel frustrated, confused, dowdy, boring and uninspired.

I have had children and had to refocus on a new body shape and understand why an outfit I could wear before now does not work.

I have had a passion for fashion from an early age... The thing I have learnt is that it takes time for your look to evolve.  You need guidance on what suits you and what doesn’t, and encouragement.  It’s this idea of learning over time, trying new ideas and getting feedback from someone you trust . The result is to define your own personal style...

Many people approach a stylist with a reservation. I can honestly say I make the clients style journey life changing and fun.

I would like people to think of me as their stylish, shopping partner – who gives impartial advice...