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    Debra Perrett Personal Stylist

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This session is aimed at those either entering or re-entering the workforce. It is ideal for teenagers about to embark of their career, or anyone needing inspiration and confidence.

 Are you dressed for success?

You are given relevant information on how to enhance style and perceived image, improve confidence and establish a presence. You will walk away feeling confident on how to apply and improve your style, grooming and business etiquette. .

Consultation includes

  • First impression counts – how to make the right (and wrong) first impression.
  • Key points on looking and feeling confident and competent.
  • Personal grooming and the effect grooming have on your whole presentation.
  • Creating a presence. Body language – how you hold yourself influences your presence
  • The message of clothing.
  • Developing a coordinated wardrobe that is stylish, “work appropriate and affordable.

This session can be done individually or in a group. We can also combine this with a body analysis session.

Once you know you look great your self-esteem and self-confidence will increase dramatically!