• The Man Dressed for Success

    Debra Perrett Personal Stylist

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The Man

A man, walking into a clothing store alone can be a horrifying experience. Many do not even make it! Mostly men are intimidated by the energetic sales staff. “Can I help you with anything?” in desperation men answer “No, no, I’m fine.”

The man does not want to spend too much time in the shops so haphazardly picks out some clothes, and heads to the change room. But the questions tormenting his mind are:

“Do they fit properly? Are they the right colours? Are they the right cut for my body? Are they even cool to begin with?! Do they cover my belly? I am short do I look taller? I have long arms and my shirts never fit.””

In desperation clothes are purchased which are never worn, or he leaves the store with nothing, and next time the man wears the same old faithful’s. The man utters under his breath I just wanted to look cool.

Does this sound like you or your man?

A Personal Stylist – is for those men want to look good, but cannot find good, competent style advice.

A competent personal stylist will help you with this journey, and take out the frustration. We will get know you as much as possible: we need to get a understand your lifestyle, job, age and interests.

The next part of the journey is to  take you shopping and in doing so, teach you how to find clothes that fit your body properly, teach you about  clothing labels and stores that suit your unique tastes and personal style.

It’s a little more involved than that. If you would like to know more details please refer to the Personal Shopper Delight Page..

You can rest assured that after the session you or your guy will look damn good.

This Service is best suited for:

Stuck in a rut, in need of direction and understanding of what suits, assistance and inspiration

New Season wear-get prepared for new season clothing and trends

Special Occasion- wedding, engagement 21st 18th

Spring Racing Carnival