I am driven by a desire to show clients their potential so they can move forward with style and confidence. Seeing a stylist should not be considered an exclusive service reserved for the famous or wealthy, it's simply an investment in yourself that creates confidence and when we feel good about ourselves we can tackle anything and have success in our work & personal life.
    It will make you FEEL ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC about how you look. You will attract COMPLIMENTS immediately You will SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY.  So what service will help you?
    My aim is to inspire & educate clients on body shape and image. I aim to provide the tools to enable them to achieve life goals whether it be personal or professional. Personal style comes from within; it is about expressing yourself in what you wear and how you present yourself. Fashion is the tool used to achieve this. It does not necessarily involve wearing the latest trends. More importantly it is understanding of what works for you, taking into account your body shape, personality, lifestyle and age. Everybody has a personal style; it provides the world with a wealth of information about you before you have even uttered a word…it also tells everyone how you feel about yourself.