Happy Customers

Hi Deb,

Yes it was great to meet with you and spend some time yesterday. 

Your survey beforehand has really good questions and helped to identify the types of shops we could look at, and what sort of clothes would best suit my body shape. 

I think  women seeking your service would find the $100 is  absolute value for money and a good starting point for them.   

I am already confident in my style and know most of the dos and donts for me , but I really appreciated and enjoyed the opportunity of your professional perspective.  It reaffirmed for me the clothes/colours that I  think suit me and I felt totally at ease and enjoyed  trying on something a little different, or that I hadnt thought of wearing for quite some time!. For me personally anything to do with fashion is fun and enjoyable, and exploring new ideas better still!.  It was great to share ideas with you. 

Your style is relaxed, confident and professional, you are time conscious and focused, and a pleasure to deal with.  Your presentation is professional and immaculate, and is a very good example to women/men who would be seeking your service.

 Cheers and thank you again for the lovely experience.