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  • Meet the Style Savvy Race Goers Oaks Day at Flemington 2014

    The weather blessed us with a warm 24 degrees Celsius. The day which is traditional called: Ladies Day, has also been known as :Blokes Day. There is a good reason for that. Such an impressive array of women in their finest.  There were many marquees  filled with racegoers, sampling wonderful food and wines, for those of us in the Nursery Car Park at Flemington.



    I would love you enjoy the following snaps from everyday people, showing their style. You don't have to be a celebrity to look amazing!


    Some of my favourite outfits for the ladies as you can see shows the depth of femininity and color that the Oaks is all about













    I love it when the men try to match the ladies outfit!




     Such a pretty combination which is perfect for the ladies pictured body shape.



     Don't these ladies look amazing!



     Some were a bit more daring!



    Nice to see some which take their fashion outside the norm. After all it is all about what is your style!




    Yellow was certainly a favourite of the race goers.



    I was so blown away by how many men attended Ladies Day. All were extremely well dressed and co ordinated.

    Look at these men who even have the pink impressed! 



     The use of soft pastels and check shirts, very nice.



      Such a beautiful suit, and color co ordination.


      And of course, this man likes to express his style right down to his shoes



    The bow tie will never go out of fashion. Look at these dashing men.



    Thankyou for all of the wonderful people who have appeared in my blog. I hope to see you there again next year.

    Would love your feedback.


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