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This service focuses on special purpose shopping. It can be an extension of the Define Your Style Session. The service is ideal for special event shopping.

If you are after just one special outfit, for example, something for a wedding, then we can assist you with putting together a total outfit that is appropriate for you and the occasion. Alternatively you may require a complete wardrobe overhaul, a seasonal update or simply to fill in a few gaps in your wardrobe.

Unlike The Define Your style session, you have a specific need and will be intending to purchase items.

This service focuses on your defining your style, by gaining an understanding of your body shape, fabrics and colors. This will be aligned to your personality, age and lifestyle. You will learn how to enhance your positive features.

This service is of 2 hours minimum where we will attend a suitable shopping location. You will relax while I will present many different items of clothing, accessories, and shoes for you to try on.

As your Personal Fashion Stylist, I will:    

  • Determine your lifestyle, tastes, budget and requirements via a Client Questionnaire and a discussion directly with you
  • Determine your goals and what you hope to achieve by the end of the Personal Shopping Trip, i.e. do you want to understand your body shape, a complete wardrobe overhaul, an outfit for a special occasion, a seasonal update, a style update, or simply to fill a few gaps in your wardrobe?
  • Conduct a pre shop  before I meet with you – I will identify exactly which shops to take you to – this will save you both time and money
  • Meet with and complete the body shape analysis and take you to specific shops, where you will relax while I bring you different outfits to try on
  • Give you honest, constructive advice and styling tips, so you will know what styles look great on you and what you should avoid in the future

There is no pressure on you to purchase anything on the day.  It is entirely your choice on what you decide to purchase.


  • You’ll learn how to shop smarter saving time and money, maximising your budget.
  • You’ll have a better awareness of the current fashion styles
  • You’ll learn which are the best, most flattering styles for your body shape, style and image
  • You will have more confidence to shop alone in the future
  • You’ll only buy things you love
  • You will learn which stores compliment your style and which don’t
  • You’ll discover that shopping doesn’t need to be frustrating, time consuming and tedious
  • You’ll have a clear idea of how to achieve your style goals
  • You’ll shop in places and try things you may not have dreamt of looking at on your own

Note:  I am an independent freelance Personal Fashion Stylist with no affiliation to any retail outlet.   I don’t earn commission from any stores I take you to.   Any discounts I am able to get will be passed directly onto you...

Personal Shopping Delight is suitable for

Stuck in a rut- need direction and understanding of what suits, assistance and inspiration

Special Occasion- wedding, engagement, 21st, 18th, christening, renewal of vowels

New Season wear- get prepared for the new season clothing and trends

Spring Racing Carnival- coordinates your racing outfits

New Mums- new body shape, gaining confidence again