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  • The Spring Carnival- What to wear and what not to wear -Guys

      The Spring Carnival marks the time of the year where the man can show his style!
      Melbourne sees men of all ages groups flocking to the racers, to not only party but to have a good look at the fillies both on and off the race course.
      Here are my simple tips to look good for the fillies!
    1. Dress for the Racers not dress up’s. Many men confuse the races with Fancy dress, choosing lurid neon suits and gimmicky hats. If you want to raise a smile but stay in style, make a statement with a boldly colored jacket or trousers. Eye-catching oranges, reds and blues are winning colours. Blue is huge this season: every shade from navy to indigo to icy blue. Which alternative below is a yes...or a no?








    1. Your Shirt. While a white shirt is acceptable for Derby Day, and a dark suit on to fit the black and white theme. Go really elegant and use detail to bring out a bit of personality. Print and texture are key. Try colors for the other days. You can bring in a bit of the color to match your partners outfit in the shirt tie or handkerchief.




        3   Are work clothes appropriate? You're off to the racetrack, not the office, so leave corporate clothes in the closet. You really need to make that extra effort .If you wear a work suit          choose an expressive tie, shirt and pocket handkerchief to let people know you've clocked off





    1. Shoes. They may end up covered in mud or worse but make sure that you start your day with a polished pair of lace-up shoes. Look for gently rounded toes rather than cheap chisel-toed shoes and remember that a muddy track is not the place for suede loafers.



          5.    The suit. A baggy suit jacket or tight shirt collar brings the most expensive outfit  un done. Make sure you are dressed to suit your body shape and age..




      6.    Hats on. Wear a hat to the track. Leave heavy fabrics such as felt and tweed for winter and look for smart straw styles. Don’t even think about a trucker cap or a beanie.





      7.   Rock a sock. The no-sock-with-shorter-pants trend is not really a spring carnival look. You can play with color in your socks. If you're not ready to wear a cobalt blue shirt or tie,        embrace stealth style with bright socks


    8.    Flowers.  A pink rose for Oaks Day, a red rose for Stakes Day, a yellow rose for Melbourne Cup Day.







                             Most importantly hope you have a win!

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