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  • What to wear to the Spring Carnival -Gals

    The Spring Carnival Season is that time of the year when we spray tan the winter white legs, and celebrate the return of the sunshine! This is fantastic time in Melbourne where we party from October to News year Eve.

    So let me help you with the question-What should I wear?

    The Spring Racing Carnival is all about your style.

     Whether it is the Caulfield Cup, Oct 18, Cox Plate at Moonee Valley 25th October, and Flemington Nov 1st to 8th Nov, you are sure to be inspired by the fashion.

    Today, Myer Fashions on the Field at Flemington is not just an institution of the Melbourne Cup Carnival; it has established its place as Australia’s largest and most prestigious outdoor fashion event. The first judging was in 1962, and today judges base their votes on:

    1. Style and originality
    2. Appropriateness of the outfit for the Melbourne Cup Carnival and the individual
    3. Attention to detail with accessories
    4. Understanding and interpretation of the current fashion trends
    5. Grooming and deportment. Suitability of the outfit for the race day


    So what is your style. Her are some tips.


    Always dress appropriately for your body shape and age.

    Be careful that the dress is in the right material that suits your shape, and the weather conditions. Do not show too much skin. It is not  Logies night. - Pastel and light colours reflect less heat and are cooler (and prettier) to wear when walking around. Denim is NEVER acceptable to wear at any time. Don’t have underwear on display, bra straps and panty lines are a no-no. Mid drifts showing are definitely out. The traditional length is just above the knee.



    What type of dress is appropriate for what day?

    On Derby Day -stick to black and white.





    Melbourne Cup Day. -color. Florals are a safe bet but look for bold interpretations.



    Oaks Day-is all about femininity. Go softly in softly in the pastel shades seen on the spring runway.


     Ladies must always have headwear. It can be a hat or fascinator.

     A hat is part of the fun of dressing up and extending your style into the unexpected. If you’re not used to wearing a hat avoid wide brims or you’ll spend the day swiping your partners in the face. You can be really inventive with fascinators and bring in bold shapes and your style.




    Wear in your shoes before you wear them. My rule- Killer Shoes. Not Shoes That Kill.

    Stiletto heels that sink into the turf and new shoes that squeeze toes and rub heels are not your best bet at the track. Wear new shoes around the house before you test them on the track soil.



     There is nothing worse than seeing a woman with a beautiful dress and no shoes on. Roll up jiffies that can fit in your bag are an option, but the only option. - Always remember the shorter the skirt, the lower the heel.


    Don’t be intimidated.

    The rules are there to offer guidelines but be sure to inject some personality into your race attire. People who push the boundaries and are creative with the way they put their outfit’s together show a bit of personality. This all has to be done within the rules of body shape and age appropriateness.






     Last but not least -your drink is not an accessory; do not carry a drink around with you everywhere you go .

    Most importantly – have fun and win!

    As a Personal Stylist I am passionate about providing men and women with the tools so that they can find their style. Love to hear and see your style. You can contact me via email, newsletter join up, Facebook or Pinterest.




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